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Artists, sculptors, carvers, 3D modelers, wirepullers, designers etc.




04.09.19 - 31.07.20

3 times per week

Wed, Fr (18.30 - 21.30), Sat (14.30 - 17.30)




  • Face details copying (from classical sculpture model copy) [period for one detail - 3-5 classes]

  • Copying, modeling of classical face mask [13-15 classes]

  • Copying, modeling of classical portrait (round sculpture) [13-15 classes]

  • Modeling of scull [13-15 classes]

  •  Portrait modeling from real model [15-20 classes]

  • Modeling of a person's figure [15-20 classes]

  • regular short-term sketches


 The Course includes:


 - Studying of academic sculpture basis modeling the samples of classic sculpture and live nature

 - Acquaintance with sculptural equipment and materials

 - Compositional tasks, acquaintance with types of plasticity solutions, spatial distribution of volumes and masses

 - Studying the concept of rhythm in sculpture. Working with the live model in order to identify the rhythm of this construction

 - Familiarity with the concepts of emotion and expression in sculpture

 - Strong emphasis will be placed on introduction to the distribution of composition groups, morphology, the study of architectonics

 - Achieving skills of making armature, tone the sculpture of various cover pigments

Ivan Pidhainyi, sculptor,

co-owner of Sculpture Guild School





3600 hrn/month

31 000 hrn/course


​Studio provides all the materials and instruments the students use during the course.



067 360 91 15

050 164 94 11

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